Accreditations & Affiliations

The Professional Education Accreditation Council

EdAccredit LOGO-15The Professional Education Accreditation Council was established with the aim of promoting quality education globally. All of our courses are currently accredited by the Professional Education Accreditation Council and accreditation is reviewed annually to ensure that we maintain and adhere to their strict regulations and quality controls. EdAccredit offers accreditation to professional education programs and courses that fall within a wide variety of subject areas. This is one of the many reason why we have chosen to obtain accreditation from this organization. This allows us to make sure that all courses will receive accreditation from the same organization before they are made available to students and the general public. As such, all of our TESOL programs, Business programs and Management programs are currently accredited by the Professional Education Accreditation Council, both at the Certificate and Diploma levels. The accreditation also signifies that our programs meet the international standards set out for that course of study based on the subject area and level. 

The College of Teachers

college of teachersUNI-Prep Institute is an Institutional Member of the College of Teachers in the UK. The college aims to promote professional development in the teaching profession and provides members with regular subscriptions to newsletters with information on advances in the teaching industry. This allows UNI-Prep to incorporate the most recent teaching methodology and research results into courses to provide students with the most up-to-date information. The College of Teachers also organizes conferences and events aimed at promoting partnership and dialogue between members and the greater international teaching community.


International Association of Teachers of English

IATEFLUNI-Prep is an Institutional Member of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language which has over 4000 members internationally. IATEFL aims to support English language teaching professionals through a variety of resources, events and publications. In addition, the Association organizes a number of conferences which offer talks and workshops and attract thousands of participants annually.


Moneris Merchant Solutions

imagesMoneris is Canada's largest merchant provider of merchant services and offers secure payments to customers. Moneris is committed to the safety and security of their clients and the customers of clients. UNI-Prep strives to maintain all client information completely confidential and has chosen to work with Moneris Solutions to accept all major credit cards in order to allow customers security of mind when making purchases online and in person.


PayPal Merchant Solutions

PayPal-logoPayPal is a leading provider of online payment solutions to businesses and individuals around the world. Your payments are protected with PayPal's Buyer Protection and UNI-Prep is a verified business member with PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, you may also pay through their website through any major credit card.





Accredited Online Course

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